What is a Blog?

Everyone is talking about it but what actually is it and how can it help?

You define your own ‘blog’ or scrapbook online and every time you read and email surf the web you can add more content. It is the modern equivalent of our bookshelves and filing cabinets at home. Once you have developed your content over a period of time you will clearly be able to structure your interests in a defined way and develop your business.

The best way to truly start to understand what blogging is to start your own. A good Blog encourages interaction with visitors, one of the most important ways to do that is by allowing comments. Each topic that you write will attract comments from your readers and thus grow and strengthen your core market area.

We can help you to make a start on the design of your website and as such are offering 3 packages for our website design service:

  • Standard
  • CMS - Content Management Systems
  • ECommerce

are designed as true Content Managed Systems allowing YOU the author to not only decide exactly what you want to write about but to you can attract customers to your blog, collect their emails and add their comments onto your site. This is an invaluable way to work as modern websites today command only the most discerning visitor by interesting articles and rapid feedback.